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Kenpo Karate Membership Packages

Basic IKKF Membership
11" x 17" full color membership certificate
$ 197 kenpo karate
IKKF Chest Patch $   45 kenpo karate
IKKF Shoulder Tab $   25 kenpo karate
Universal Patch $   25 kenpo karate
Platinum Black Belt Membership
As a Black Belt Platinum member you are listed (with photo) on the IKKF website. This membership is only for Black Belts or those testing for Black Belt. The below certificates are included when you join the IKKF today. 

WARNING - we only accept 7 more Platinum members this month. Once they are sold then you'll have to wait until next month, before you can join the IKKF. Only Platinum Members receive 11" x 17" full-color certificates. All other member certificates are 8.5" x 11".

   The Platinum Membership includes

  • Your 11"x17" Membership Certificate
  • Full Color 11"x17" Rank Certificate (test fee is extra)
  • Full Color 11"x17" Instructor Certificate
  • Full Color 11"x17" Examiner Certificate
  • IKKF Shoulder Tab

Get your Platinum membership today and be recognized as local Kenpo leader.









$ 497









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IKKF Kenpo Ring

Kenpo Ring

This Kenpo ring weighs 38 grams and comes in Sterling Silver. This ring is solid (not hollowed like some others) and is hand crafted. Your name and rank can be engraved to no additional cost.









$ 197









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Rank Certificates

(become an IKKF Certified Black Belt, request your Certificate NOW)
Student Rank Certificate (yellow belt - 1st degree brown, full-color) $   25 kenpo karate
Shodan (Junior Instructor - 1st Degree Black Belt) $ 197 kenpo karate
Nidan (Assistant Instructor - 2nd Degree Black Belt) $ 297 kenpo karate
Sandan (Head Instructor - 3rd Degree Black Belt) $ 397 kenpo karate
Yondan (Senior Instructor - 4th Degree Black Belt) $ 497 kenpo karate
Godan (Associate Professor - 5th Degree Black Belt) $ 597 kenpo karate
Rokudan (Professor - 6th Degree Black Belt) $ 697 kenpo karate
Shichidan (Senior Professor - 7th Degree Black Belt) $ 797 kenpo karate
Hachidan (Associate Master - 8th Degree Black Belt) $ 897 kenpo karate
Kudan (Master - 9th Degree Black Belt) $ 997 kenpo karate
Judan (Grand Master - 10th Degree Black Belt) $ 1,497 kenpo karate
All members seeking a promotion, must contact the IKKF directly. To progress from one Black Belt rank to the next you MUST have at least 3 years of time in grade, regardless of what rank you are at, except from Shodan to Nidan, which is only 2-years.

Instructor Certificates

(become an IKKF Certified Instructor, request your Certificate NOW)
Certified Instructor Certificate (1st - 4th Dan) $ 100 kenpo karate
Master Instructor Certificate (5th - 7th Dan) $ 150 kenpo karate
Grand Master Instructor Certificate (8th - 10th Dan) $ 200 kenpo karate

Examiner Certificates
(become an IKKF Certified Examiner, request your Certificate NOW)
Certified Examiner Certificate (1st - 4th Dan) $ 100 kenpo karate
Master Examiner Certificate (5th - 7th Dan) $ 150 kenpo karate
Grand Master Examiner Certificate (8th - 10th Dan) $ 200 kenpo karate

Title Certificates
(hold an Internationally recognized Title, request your Certificate NOW)
Title Certificate Sensei, Sifu, Sabumnim (1st - 4th Dan) $ 100 kenpo karate
Master Title Certificate Kyoshi, Master (5th - 7th Dan) $ 150 kenpo karate
Grand Master Title Certificate Founder, Grandmaster (8th - 10th Dan) $ 200 kenpo karate

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